Water is a limiting factor for the existence of life on the earth, not only needed for life, but itself being the life. The stylized form of a small crayfish in our logo came into being in a spontaneous baby fantasy assisted by an adult dream and intention to devote to water and its different shapes in a long-term prospective and as a lifetime mission. We respect water´s hydrologic cycle as well as its complicated course on the earth and we respect life on the earth which quite often forms not the most favourable conditions for water. Water management engineers ranked among environmentally orientated intelligentsia a long time ago and they have attempted to reach the most suitable compromises in their solutions as this is the precondition of every good water management project design. If we did not lead the drinking water of good quality to households, we should not deal with waste waters. But, fortunately, we are able to solve it very well what also contributes to the life quality of the contemporary period.

As it can be seen, our small crayfish has its long-term mission because he takes care that clean water will be even cleaner and dirty water will become cleaner. We are pleased with your interest in our work, it is the mission we are proud of and that is also the reason why we bring up for you a new generation of water management engineers, who will take care of our trade name BURSA in future and will further develop and enrich our long-time experience with new knowledge and their courage. We revere the European Water Charter and also in accordance with it, our slogan since the establishment of the firm is BURSA …and water is life..

Eng. Ondrej Bursa
Eng. Matúš Bursa